PHOTOS: Criss Waddle Lays More IDLE THREATS On Joey Gucci For Defrauding Him

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Criss Waddle
Criss Waddle

We are soo over this ‘feud’ already. Criss Waddle made these exact same threats a little over three weeks ago and in the intervening period, nothing much seems to have changed.
He should either report the issue to the cops or just keep his mouth shut and stop issuing these illegal threats that he cannot seem to back up anyway.
Criss Waddle took to snapchat (his favourite medium) a while ago laying more threats on Joey Gucci, a fellow ‘game boy’ who has defrauded him out of some money for which Waddle is furious.
Our sources told us when the first confrontation went down that it was over a car which Waddle had paid for but hadn’t received, but in his latest rant he claimed that was a lie spread by Gucci but that he would be revealing the real story soon.
He said he had received many promises from Gucci for the money which has never materialised – and he even got a fake check from Gucci, which has made him go off his rockers this time.
Check out Waddle’s crazy rantings on the issue on snapchat and it even seems his latest deadline has passed so we await with bated breath what he would do this time.
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Joey Gucci
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Joey Gucci

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