Hassan Ayariga Asked Ghanaians To Google The School He Got His PhD From – So We Did It And Found He Has A Fake Degree Indeed

Hassan Ayariga
Hassan Ayariga

Hassan Ayariga has been accused by the Electoral Commission of holding a fake doctorate degree – something that’s not really that uncommon in Ghana – but a furious Ayariga has threatened to sue in return.
The disqualified APC flagbearer responded to the Commission’s claims in a radio interview earlier today, and he made a challenge during the interview that we thought was interesting, so decided to take him up on.
“This is a continuation of another lie. The EC will need to tread cautiously because I will make them unpopular in this country with all the facts. If you come out to say Dr Ayariga has a fake doctorate degree, do you have a copy of the degree (certificate) to know whether it is fake or not? You don’t have a copy of my degree, how do you know whether my degree is fake or not?” he wondered.
“As I speak to you, go online, look for Great Achievers University College and Seminary. It is in Spain. Search to see whether it will come out or not. And I will send you a copy of my degree and you can send it to the university to prove whether it is fake or not. That is another case I will sue them in court.”
So we decided to search and see ‘whether it will come out or not’.
The first we noticed about the Great Achievers University College and Seminary, as Hassan called it, was that the actual name was slightly different. Google told us the University is actually known as the Great Achievers University College & Theological Seminary, and it is based in Spain. It is an affiliate of Campus of Team Impact Christian University, which is in the USA. Hassan Ayariga is also not the only Ghanaian to receive a doctorate from the University,
But the more interesting part about these Universities is that the National Accreditation Board (NAB) lists both as unaccredited to award degrees, whether honorary or actual. They both make the list of unaccredited institutions on the NAB’s website, and this article explains the reason the parent institution is not accredited.
The scourge of receiving fake honorary degrees from unheard of foreign universities is not something new in Ghana, and has actually ensnared better people than Hassan Ayariga. So he should present some hard proof his degree is real instead of relying on google.


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