Owusu Bempah 'Prophesies' That Nana Akuffo-Addo Would Be Assassinated In The Volta Region

Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo
Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo

Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah is back with another one of his conditional ‘prophecies’ upon which, like T.B Joshua, he has made his name.
Owusu Bempah claims that it has been revealed to him that an attempt is being made on the life of NPP flagbearer Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo, and that the attempt would occur in the Volta Region when he visits the region to campaign ahead of the upcoming elections.
He added that Nana should therefore beef up his security to guard against the evil plotters.
Speaking on Accra Fm, Bempah said that he has given many prophecies in this country that has come to pass, so he should be taken seriously when he talks about these things.
“I have given several prophecies in the past that have come to pass. I prophesied that there was going to be a plane crash in Ghana, it came to pass. I prophesied that if care was not taken, we would lose our president (President Mills), it came to pass. I prophesied that Nana Akufo-Addo was going to be stoned at a campaign rally, it came to pass.” Owusu Bempah established his credentials in giving prophesies.
Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah
Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah

“God has revealed to me that some people are plotting to kill Nana Akufo-Addo. They are planning several ways of doing that. They have planned it in the Volta Region and so whenever he visits the region, they will want to kill him.”
Owusu Bempah had made a similar prophesy in the past concerning the life of Nana Addo, which has put the police on his trail. He has been invited by the Ghana Police to elaborate on what he’s claiming.
“These are matters that must be dealt with spiritually not physically and, so, I don’t know why they (the police) have invited me.” Owusu Bempah said concerning the invitation.
“They came to my church this week, but did not meet me and, so, they took my lawyer’s contact from my junior pastors. The lawyer told them he had travelled and so when he returned he would come to the police station with me.”
Despite the police case, Owusu Bempah said what he has said might still happen.
“I stand by the prophecy that some people are plotting to kill Mr Akufo-Addo, he must beef up his security.”


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