Guru, Eddie Watson, Jupitar, Giovanni Caleb and A Bunch of Ghanaian Celebrities N*ked Photos Have Been LEAKED—Most Are Grossly Nasty


A US-based mysterious Ghanaian woman shocked GhanaCelebrities.Com a few days ago when she dumped a bunch of naked photos accompanied by conversations of some top Ghanaian Celebrities and radio personalities—which we are still wondering how they were all obtained.
The files contained naked images alleged to be of Ghanaian Musician-Guru, actor-Eddie Watson, musician-Jupitar, Fitness instructor and husband of Jasmine Baroudi-William Ofori Atta, Giovanni Caleb of Starr Fm and several others.

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For most of the photos, the alleged persons are said to have proudly taken the shots which show their manhood—some erected and some with even ‘cum’ all over their thighs.
Over the weekend, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com spoke to some of those in the leaked photos—who admitted to having made a mistake some few years ago by sending out inappropriate photos to a mysterious woman they were flirting with, an action that has come back to bite them in the butt when they least expect it.
Though the person who leaked the photos wouldn’t say much, she told GhanaCelebrities.Com; “these so called celebrities are cheats and cheap—always out there in search for whatever pussy that come their way irrespective of whether they are married or are in a serious relationship.”

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Interestingly many of the celebrities we spoke to that have their photos leaked admitted being stupid at the time—for the very fact that they never even got to meet the woman they were flirting with, except phone calls and messages.
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5 thoughts on “Guru, Eddie Watson, Jupitar, Giovanni Caleb and A Bunch of Ghanaian Celebrities N*ked Photos Have Been LEAKED—Most Are Grossly Nasty”

  1. I feel so so sorry for your poor innocent wives, partners and children. This disgrace will remain with them and on the Internet forever. What a shame……………Giovani who recently got married, this is what u can do behind closed doors? Aaaaba!!!!!

  2. Lol Infact they weren’t stupid because the truth is they are stupid, these celebrities be adding these girls on snapchat and instagram etc and be flirting with them even tho they know God damm well they are married or in a relationship
    Giovani and flashkik so wel deserved


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