Vybrant Faya’s Death Reminds Us of the Extensive Ridiculousness in the Popular Conception of Putting Things On Hold Today for the Future, Writes CHRIS-VINCENT

Vybrant Faya
Vybrant Faya

Earlier last week, I got into an unusual conversation with an LPC course mate of mine at the Nottingham Law School—and as always, I was trying to make her see the ridiculousness in the popular notion to suspend everything important today for the future.
Life is short, I said—and therefore you need to do the important things you want to do today instead of dwelling in a perpetual loop of procrastination, so sure that you would do these things in the future.
For this girl, she has put everything on hold and she is studying so hard to become a lawyer—harboring the certain hope that when she becomes a lawyer, she would start to enjoy herself or do the things that she so much wants to do in life.
The above seems like a perfect plan on paper but in reality, you ought to add the important phrase–ceteris paribus, meaning “all things being equal.”
And if life has repeatedly taught us anything, it’s that—all things will never be equal—it’s the high stake of uncertainty that makes life so important and worthy of being enjoyed the minute you have it.
For sure, all that any person has in life is today and as such if there is something important that ought to be done, it must be done today—leaving it for a future date is a matter of playing Russian roulette with your life.
A lot of us have succeeded in lying to ourselves that we ought to suspend our happiness and plunge ourselves into a bottomless pit of discomfort today so we can fully enjoy tomorrow, when in fact today may be our last.
No one leaves anything important to chance—I always say.
Therefore, if something is important to you; such as wanting to spend time with a loved one, making someone happy, traveling around the world, learning a new language or starting a family, the time to do it is today.
Yesterday, news of Ghanaian dancehall artiste-Vybrant Faya’s death shocked a lot of social media users, actually killing the trending post-Manchester United and Chelsea match discussions.
He was young and neither was he sick.
He probably had a lot of things he wanted to do in life and as usual might have kept some of the important things into the future box. He didn’t know when his last day was going to be—thinking, he had a lot of time as most would prefer.
But life serves you with death when you least expect it. Therefore, live each day as though it’s your last, because, it could really be your last.
It’s sad but Vybrant Faya’s death should once again remind us of the extensive ridiculousness in the popular conception of putting things on hold today for the future. It should challenge us to live each minute to the fullest.


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