Kim Kardashian Drops Lawsuit Against Website After They Apologised for False Publications

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kim-kardashianKim Kardashian West has dismissed her lawsuit against website MediaTakeOut after she received an apology from them concerning posts they made about her robbery incident in Paris. The site which published allegations that there was evidence Kim staged her robbery attack in Paris has since retracted the story and called it false.
They posted a statement on their website which reads, “MediaTakeOut regrettably published a series of false stories about Kim Kardashian West suggesting she faked the robbery in Paris, lied to authorities and then filed a $5.6 million fraudulent insurance claim for her stolen jewelry”.
“MediaTakeOut knows that Mrs. Kardashian West was in fact robbed in Paris. We have permanently removed from our website any and all posts that suggested she staged the robbery, lied about it to the French police and committed an insurance crime.”
“We sincerely apologize to Mrs. Kardashian West and her family for the false stories we published and regret suggesting that what happened to her in Paris was anything less than horrific,” the statement continues. “We are pleased that this matter has been resolved to satisfaction of all the parties.”
Although Kim has yet to speak out about her traumatic experience in Paris, she had however asked the site to publish a retraction and apologise for the stories when they published it.  The site ignored her and so she had no option than to file a suit against them