Preacher Claims Maame Water Spirits Have S*x With Women Who Bath After 6pm Or Wear Rings When They Aren't Married

Mike Zigah
Mike Zigah

A former hardcore Sakawa boy turned evangelist, Mike Zigah, is making wild allegations about women who bath after 6pm at night, claiming that some marine spirits take advantage of that to unwittingly have s*x with them.
Mike Zigah was speaking on Hitz Fm Tuesday when he made his wildly unsubstantiated claim.
Zigah came to prominence a few months ago when he announced that he had repented from his former occultic ways to become an evangelist. Telling the story of his sakawa days, he sad he had killed many people for money and had even swallowed live whole snakes as part of rituals.
He said a ‘maame water’ spirit, known as ‘Mahanta’, can sleep with such women when they bath late at night as that’s the time it operates.
“The spirit can also operate through rings and lives with you when you wear it for days, weeks, or months for the fun of it when you are not married.”
He also claimed that singing whilst bathing is a bad thing because it can also attract the spirit.


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