If You Can't Satisfy Me In Bed, You're A Donkey. I Will Leave You Immediately – Kennedy

Nigerian model and winner of Miss Tourism 2016, Faithfulness Kennedy, says she’s not one of those girls who’ll stay in a relationship for money even if the s*x is not good enough.
Faithfulness said in an interview that to her, the quality of s*x in a relationship is the determiner to whether she can stay in or abandon a relationship.
S*x, of course, is a very crucial part of any relationship but as the sole determinant of whether a relatonship survives or fails seems a bit extreme.
But Kennedy says that’s the only thing on her mind.

Imagine dating  for two years without s*x (do u really love me?) Okay, and we finally get married and then on our honeymoon night when we are supposed to go gaga you’re now acting like a donkey, I will divorce you immediately! I’m very serious, because at that point the love has dropped.” she told Vanguard Nigeria.
“I am telling you this because of some people that will pretend and say they will just stay for staying sake and have s*x partners outside; my dear, prevention is better than cure. If we are in a relationship and you can’t satisfy me well in bed, you are a donkey, I’ll leave you, I don’t care if you are a billionaire, just know if I stay I’m staying because of your money,”

I wonder what donkeys have ever done to this woman.


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