JM Toaso Concert Is Causing NPP Sleepless Nights – Mzbel

JM Toaso
JM Toaso

The JM Toaso concert is causing NPP sleepless nights and leading to fear and panic among its ranks, singer Mzbel has claimed.
The diehard NDC follower is organising a concert dubbed JM Toaso to canvass more support for the President and according to her, the opposition are running scared due to the level of support they are gathering.
The concert is slated to come off at the Bukom Square November 5th, but rumours of a possible NPP rally being held at the same venue on the same day has been floating around, and the singer says those are blatantly false rumours meant to cause confusion.
The only sanctioned event at the Bukom square that day is the JM Toaso concert, Mzbel wrote in a post on social media. She said the attempts to cause confusion signaled desperation and fear coming from the NPP.
“The Asafoatse of Bukom, custodians of the Square have stated emphatically that the JM TOASO Concert is the only legitimate activity granted permission to take place on Saturday and there has been no discussions or agreements of any sort regarding an NPP rally at the square on the same day.” she wrote.
“So, then I wonder! What is all this noise and uproar about? Is it to create fear and panic or it is just a mischief to interrupt the magnitude of love and support Ghanaians have for JM?

“So, then I wonder again! Why interrupt and create false alarm about something you do not fear? Is it lack of confidence or the usual inferiority complex?
“..I am humbled to know that the JM TOASO Concert by my visionary friends and I, is causing sleepless nights for others. Keep calm and let’s meet on Saturday to support the agenda of #ChangingLives and #TransformingGhana. This is a sign of victory! #JMTOASO !”
Check out her full post below…


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