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Husband Bites Off Wife’s Nose Because She Couldn’t Pay His Expensive Dowry In India

UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA: NOVEMBER 01, 2016: Raj Kumari, 21, pictured with her parents at a district hospital in Lakhimpur Kheri district, Uttar Pradesh, India.nnRaj Kumari married Shiv Prasad two years ago but the two separated last year following dowry demands and Shiv allegedly became violent. nAn FIR (first information report) has been registered and police has arrested the accused.nnPictures supplied by: Cover Asia Press
A deranged husband has teared into the nose of his wife of two years after she refused to pay his expensive dowry and moved out of their home.
Raj Kumari, aged 21, will be scarred for the rest of her life after she tried to leave her husband Shiv Prasad, whose family continually demanded money which she didn’t have.
Metro News full report :
When her in-laws blocked her from continuing her studies, she bravely decided enough was enough and moved back to live with her parents in Uttar Pradesh, northern India.
But her husband, 23, wouldn’t let her walk away.
‘They asked for a huge amount and a luxury motorbike, which my family could never afford,’ Raj said. ‘They used to physically attack me and they wouldn’t stop reminding me of it.’
‘This is what he did when I refused to return with him,’ Raj said.
She was walking to one of her classes on November 1, when Shiv ran up behind her and grabbed her.
When Raj refused to go home with him he turned angry, lunging at her face. All she can remember is him biting her nose and leaving her in excruciating pain.
Covered in blood, she called her family and was rushed to hospital.
Emergency Medical Officer Dr Surjit Kumar Singh said: ‘The wound will take time to heal but her nose will never be normal again and she will not look like she did before.
‘She will need cosmetic surgery but it’s a costly affair.’
Raj, who angered her husband by not being able to afford surgery in the first place, says she is unable to afford plastic surgery to correct the wound.
Police arrested Shiv Kumar, a daily labourer, at his home on the same day. He is currently in custody.
Inspector Ashok Kumar Singh, from Gola Police Station, said: ‘The accused has said he did not like the way his wife dressed for her classes.
‘But she was wearing formal attire like trousers, shirt and tie when he attacked her. He said he attacked her because she refused to return home with him. We are also investigating the dowry and harassment claims and we will take action accordingly.”


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