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Kenyan Family Of Barack Obama Rains Curses On His Trump Supporting Half Brother

President Obama's brother, Malik Obama and Trump
President Obama’s brother, Malik Obama and Trump

The Kenyan family of US President Barack Obama are not pleased with Malik Obama, his half brother who supports Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump, leading to them taking a very extreme measure against him.
The family has laid some curses upon Malik, who shocked them and the world earlier this year when he declared his support for Donald Trump.
A meeting between close family members and elders in Mr Obama’s ancestral village of Kogelo decided to place the curse on Malik, who many say is bringing shame and dishonour on a village that has benefited immensely from their connection with the US’ first African American President.
“We have decided to curse him,” said James Otieno, a clan elder. “He is not one of us here because he is eating with the enemy. Why can he disown Obama, who is respected around the globe? Obama’s presidency has helped this village.”
Malik endorsed Mr Trump with great fanfare a few months ago, and made his highest profile campaign appearance during the third and final Presidential debate in Las Vegas last month.
In the village, the claim is that Malik is jealous of Barack, which is why he took the step of endorsing Trump. Others say he’s doing what he is because he wanted some money from the President which was never forthcoming.
“Malik is supporting Mr. Trump for his own gain,” said Mr. Rajula, the owner of a restaurant known as the White House in Kogelo said. “Malik has no respect in the community. He also does not control the Obama family. As a family, we have disowned him because he is a disgrace.”


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