"Ghana Is Worse Off Today Than 8 Years Ago" – Leila Djansi

leila-djansiUnited States based Ghanaian film director, Leila Djansi has taken a swipe at the ruling National Democratic Congress— and deducing from her statements, it looks like she is rueing for campaigning for this said party.
In an interview on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM with KMJ, Leila passed her bittered laments on how her hopes have been thrashed by the ruling party when she though they would deliver in their promises.
She said:
“I actually have [regretted] because I had high hopes. I am a leader myself [and] on set, a lot of things happen that you do not know about and you only find out… its already become a problem.
I do not know whether it’s a John Mahama thing or if it’s the people around him. I do not know what it is but all I know is Ghana eight years ago, is not Ghana today and it’s not a good thing. I think we should be in a better place right now.”
January this year, she posted this in her page— read below:
“Good morning from John Mahama’s Ghana!! Multiple days without water. Last week we had to call the company head to have taps opened”.
“I so regret campaigning for NDC although I have no vote in Ghana. I lost friends, someone threatened to burn down my office in Ghana cos I was NDC.
After all the sacrifices made to campaign and have faith in this party, Ghana has been faced with so much incompetence from this team! Even not living in Ghana, you feel the hardship”.
“But they have money to give to a less qualified individual to brand buses. Buses we brand at no more than 5000ghc per bus were branded for 30,000. That money could have been used to improve the water-flow system in the country.Beds for hospitals…
This is the Ghana you get when selfish people thrive. When they give only to their family members. Clothe themselves in material things so they can be worshiped.So shameful!
And everyone has forgotten that the young woman in question hasn’t returned the money and hasn’t even been prosecuted”.


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