SATAN Beats GOD – AP Calls The Election For Donald Trump Despite God Telling T.B Joshua That 'A Woman' Would Win

T.B Joshua
T.B Joshua

The Associated Press has called the US election for the Republican Presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump, dealing a serious blow to the eternal battle between God and Satan about who exerts more control over the world.
Preachers giving out prophecies is something we have always criticised here since it seems to be based on nothing but their gut which they claim to be some divine inspiration. Especially those from charlatans like T.B Joshua who say vague things and later use it to claim credit after disasters have killed scores of people.
Last Sunday, Joshua, perhaps feeling emboldened by poll after poll showing Clinton as the likely winner, came out to ‘prophesy’, claiming that God had shown him the winner of the election would be a woman.
I wrote here why that was preposterous, and why a prophecy of a Trump win would actually have been much more impressive. Turns out I was right, T.B Joshua just looked at the way things were going in the real world and claimed it to be divine inspiration.
With the election over and Trump now US President-elect, Joshua has been exposed as the charlatan he is. He got no vision and if he did, then perhaps God is not so omniscient. After all, looking at Trump’s campaign, it looks like one run by Satan himself. Maybe God wanted Hillary to win but Satan just beat him.
Moving from here, maybe people would learn from this and take ‘prophecies’ from prophets going forward with the grain of salt they are worth. Trust me, Joshua would soon come out with an excuse for why his prophecy did not come true and his gullible followers would swallow it with glee and continue believing him to be an unimpeachable man of God. That’s because people can really be dumb when they want to.
Owusu-Bempah also gave a similar prophecy, except he put a caveat around his – leading to his nonsensical prophecy that either Clinton or Trump would win.


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