Why God Decided to Lie to His Two Best Friends-Prophet T.B Joshua from Nigeria & Rev. Owusu Bempah From Ghana That Hillary Clinton Was Going to Win the US Elections, CHRIS-VINCENT Writes


It’s clear that both Prophet-T.B Joshua from Nigeria and Rev. Owusu Bempah from Ghana were lied to by God–their celestial friend and father. This is the most plausible explanation to their false prophecy as the alternative is, God himself did not know that Trump was going to win the US elections and as such He’s not all-knowing or omnipotent. I do not want to go there today.
With this in mind, let me tell you something about religion you probably do not know.
It’s a human institution–human beings are obsessed with Gods and we will continue to create Gods as long as we exist.
From Apollo to Zeus, human beings believed and held honest convictions that these Gods existed, cared about them and even interfered in their dealings.
In fact, it was not just mere beliefs, they prayed to them and claimed they answered. When things happened that they did not understand, they attributed these things to the Gods.
For many centuries, these Gods reigned and gave human beings false-sense of divine protection and celestial connections. And then the Abrahamic God, just like the others Gods with sons and messengers became the new God in town.
Today, the Abrahamic God seems to be the most popular one among the millions of Gods–a position Zeus and others once occupied.
What’s interesting in all these is, these Gods always had messengers, prophets or some people who claimed to have direct phone lines to them.
These are confident fraudsters who understand human beings’ obsession with supreme beings and therefore take advantage.
We belong to religions largely as an accident of birth–if you were born in India, there’s about 99 percentage chance that you would have been a Hindu.
Equally, if you were born in Saudi Arabia to Muslim parents, there’s 99 percentage chance that you would have been a Muslim. If you were born in China, it’s more likely you would have been a Buddhist or belonging to Taoism.
It’s not that difficult; these religious leaders are just movement leaders–mostly fraudsters in the game to enrich themselves.
My parents are Christians and as such all my siblings are–they all even stick to the same church.
Anyway, the video is of a powerful man of God getting it wrong–two things are clear here, either he is a liar or God is a liar–but I think, it’s both because God is a delusion, though some sort of comfort or good can be derived.
How can God’s two good friends in Ghana and Nigeria all be lied to by Him?


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