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Akosua Abebrese Writes: What Has President John Mahama Been Smoking These Days?

President John Mahama
President John Mahama

I know I have not been writing as frequent as some of you would appreciate. The truth is, I am preparing for President Mahama’s grand exit—the man has overstayed his welcome and his recent rhetorics are becoming extremely unbearable.
This is a question being asked honestly without any malice or contempt intended: What has President Mahama been smoking these days?
And the reason why I am asking this question is, some of the statements coming from him are absurd at best and insane at worst.
Of course, President Mahama is aggressively desperate like a cornered mouse—doing and saying everything impossible to win the upcoming elections. A desperate man can be cheap with his utterances but at least, he should not forget his listeners are not completely mentally constipated.
For a while now, several high-ranking members of the NDC have been loosely saying Ghana is somewhat ahead of the United States when it comes to infrastructure—a false assertion the President himself reportedly has made to a crowd of supporters in the Upper West region.
GhanaCelebrities.Com has reported that:

President Mahama who is campaigning in the Upper West Region ahead of the 7 December polls said the two leading candidates in the just-ended American presidential election – Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump – promised to sink a lot of investment into infrastructural development during their campaigns.
Mr Mahama told party supporters; “The American elections have just ended. Both candidates, a central plank of their economic policy is to invest massively in social and economic infrastructure. And if we have started that in Ghana already, it means we are one step ahead of the United States.”
He said the two candidates made those promises “because, investing in social and economic infrastructure creates jobs and puts food on the table for Ghanaians.”
“When you are building roads, the people who work on the roads are Ghanaians and they are being paid and they are feeding their families. And the good thing is today as I speak to you, 95 percent of road contractors working in Ghana on our roads are Ghanaians. It means that the money that we are paying to them is ending up in this economy its circulating within the economy,” he said.

It’s true that a bunch of Ghanaians are stupid and do not care to check statements against facts. It’s also true that politicians are liars but I have not known them to regard their audience as completely unaware of the basics.
Undeniably, President Mahama has pumped a lot into infrastructure in Ghana but it is insane to claim that Ghana is leading the United States in infrastructure. Tell this joke to even the blind and you will be regarded as high on an illegal substance. As usual, these claims are not backed by a single data–politics is indeed cheap in our part of the world.
President Mahama and his political friends surely must think all Ghanaians are inherently stupid. No problem—we will shock them on December 7 with our grand stupidity and ignorance.
If our President makes such a statement again, we should rush him to Ankaful—for an overdue psychiatric evaluation.
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