GC EXCLUSIVE: Nana Aba Anamoah And New Lover-Kojo Yankson Spotted On A Spa Date At East Legon’s Niobe Salon And Spa–CONFIRMED!

Kojo and Nana Aba
Kojo and Nana Aba

The lovebirds are at it again!
There appears to be no end in sight for the romance brewing between Nana Aba Anamoah and Kojo Yankson. The latest instalment in the series is that the two were spotted yesterday, Sunday 20th November 2016 on a spa date.
One of our reporters, who has been monitoring the situation very closely got wind of this date from someone close to the couple and went there to see for herself.
On arriving there, she spotted Nana Aba and Kojo about to have a romantic spa date. As the two were so alert, our reporter was unable to take a photograph but says on authority that it was the two. Nana Aba had on a long dress with sleeves and a very short black wig cap (you can see the short hair in her facial videos).

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Spa dates are a romantic item on couples’ calendars during which couples have facials, massages and spend quality time naked in the sauna. That is precisely what Nana Aba and Kojo did yesterday at the Niobe Salon and Spa in East Legon.
Interestingly, both Nana Aba and Kojo Yankson gave themselves away, once again.
Nana Aba sent social media into overdrive yesterday with steamy revealing videos of herself getting a facial. The videos showed more boob work than facial, and as expected, the men went gaga and women looked on with apprehension.
This is the video Nana Aba posted on twitter.
And as ever, this video was promptly retweeted by her lover Kojo Yankson.
Nana Aba went ahead to post a similar but slightly different video on Instagram. See:

Both these videos got a lot of people talking. Some thought they were hot, others thought they were beautiful; some thought they were too revealing considering the fact that she is a public figure and a mother, while others thought she should be left alone to live her life as it pleases her.
We are not concerned about the propriety or otherwise of the video. What we are concerned about is the fact that 2 people in serious relationships can ignore all the talk going on in town about them, ignore the feelings of their partners, ignore what their children might think, and go on a romantic spa date to a popular spa located in Accra where they might be seen.
While we regret being unable to furnish you with pictorial evidence of this date due to the prevailing circumstances at the time, the fact of their date was more than confirmed this morning, 21st November 2016 by Kojo Yankson himself albeit unknowingly and naively.
Kojo provided the confirmation through his daily ‘Message from the Morning Man’ on the Super Morning Show on Joy FM. This is the article:
The first paragraph of the article reads:
“I went for a massage yesterday (by the way, this is something I’d definitely recommend every now and then if you happen to have a high-pressure job with long hours). I went to a spa in East Legon that I’ve been to many times before, and asked for a hot stone massage – which I’ve had many times before. It’s a soothing massage that combines soothing oils and smooth heated stones – very effective for ironing out the knots in your muscles and tendons.”
Kojo confirms in his write-up that he in fact went to a spa in East Legon yesterday to get a massage. What he leaves out, unsurprisingly, is the fact that he was there with Nana Aba Anamoah.
What a coincidence though, right? What a coincidence that on the very day that Nana Aba Anamoah posts a revealing video of herself getting a facial at the Niobe Spa in East Legon, her sexual lover ‘Jonathan’ Kojo Yankson also confirms he went to a spa in the same East Legon for a treatment. I’m sure you can all see what is going on here–can’t you? They can’t fool us!

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Nana Aba is so crazy about Kojo, she can’t enough of him. Even at the recent Starr Women Project event at Alisa Hotel on Friday 18th November 2016, Nana Aba somehow managed to pull Kojo Yankson into her speech by referring to him and his book. She cannot do anything without involving him. Interestingly in that same speech, she also referred to her ex-boyfriend Kofi Amoabeng of UT Bank and gave him props for being such a great man.
Sadly, her actual boyfriend was in the audience as she spoke, sporting a yellow shirt, and looking somewhat bemused. Our info indicates that a lot of the things she said in her presentation were ideas given to her by Kojo Yankson, and it is a shame that she invited her boyfriend to come and listen to her give a presentation inspired by her sidenigga Kojo Yankson.
Our checks at Niobe have actually confirmed that the 2 were there together. The staff at Niobe are clearly not the most adept at keeping a secret. We spoke to a member of staff there who confirmed that indeed Nana Aba Anamoah was at the East Legon branch of Niobe yesterday, and so was Joy FM’s Kojo Yankson.
The plot thickens, and GhanaCelebrities.Com continues to monitor the goings on between them.
This piece was submitted by Fidelia Nkansa.


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