Obour Says Shatta Wale's Rants Against Him Is An Attention Seeking Stunt – 'Controversy Is Part Of His Art'

Preisdent of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Obour, has responded to recent allegations of corruption against him and calls for him to step down from Shatta Wale, claiming the whole thing is a stunt by the ‘dancehall king’.
Shatta has been on an intense social media manhunt against Obour the past couple of days, with confrontational tweets accusing the MUSIGA boss of unbridled corruption and calling for a massive overhaul in the body.
But speaking on the controversy with local website Pulse, Obour dismissed the issue out of hand, saying it was an attention seeking stunt from Wale, who, he argues, is well known for creating controversies out of nothing.
“I don’t think he has something against me.” Obour said when asked if the issue was due to personal animus. “I have not offended him either. I just think controversy is part of his art. Periodically, he picks on people and has the media talk about it.” he added.
Obour said his track record with MUSIGA is clear and its members can attest to that. He said any MUSIGA member who lends credence to Shatta’s allegations is not a serious member.
“This is not new.” he continued. “He has been doing this for the past two years. Shatta Wale drives on a lot of controversies so I am sure any MUSIGA member will take his comments seriously. The members of the union who see the works will not take these comments seriously.
“Anybody who takes these comments seriously is not a MUSIGA member. We launched MUSIGA Academy, MUSIGA Grand Ball, peace campaigns and all that so when these comments come from people who are not members and don’t see the developments, we treat those comments as comments that are coming from outside,”
Shatta Wale, in a series of tweets Monday, had called for reform within the body, calling for Obour’s head for his massive corruption. He was joined on his rant by D-Black, who called for new, businessminded people lik Shatta and Hammer to step forward and head the body.


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