Azonto And Dancehall Have Taken Over Ghanaian Music – Slim Buster Promises To Return To Revive Hiplife

On hitatus artiste Slim Buster has promised to return to Ghana to aid revive the genres of hiplife and highlife, the two original genres of Ghana music that led to its current status.
Slim Buster, speaking to Pluzz Fm from his UK base, said Azonto and dancehall have taken over the landscape and is sucking all the resources and attention.
According to him, he is returning to Ghana to help revive those two genres.
“I’m coming back to see if we can really progress with highlife and hiplife. Now look at hiplife, it’s really struggling…. Dancehal and Azonta have taken over.” he said.
Slim Buster, in that same interview, revealed the reason why he had to run away from Ghana a few years ago.
“I left Ghana because of the power crisis.” he told Sammy Flex. “I started having problems with lights, I was spending so much money on fuel  because some of us can’t sleep without lights.” he said.
“I was filling my huge plant in addition to my two cars so it was a bit too much for me. I decided to relocate from Ghana and concentrate on my family here in UK” he added


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