Nana Aba Anamoah And Kojo Yanson Spotted Around Kokomlemle in Accra As Kojo Yankson 'Confirms' Their Relationship

Nana Aba Anamoah
Nana Aba Anamoah

Accra’s latest lovebirds, Nana Aba Anamoah and Kojo Yankson continue to grow the secret affection brewing between them by spending a lot of time together.
The pair were spotted driving together on Wednesday 23rd November 2016 not far from the offices of Joy FM (where Kojo works) in the Kokomlemle area. Kojo was driving, and Nana Aba, like the obedient and ‘faithful’ sidechick sat next to him. This was after Kojo was done presenting the Super Morning Show on Joy FM.
As to where they were going, we don’t know. But once more Nana Aba let the cat out of the bag by posting a picture on her Instagram account of her sitting in the passenger seat, next to someone whose identity she did not disclose. The sighting of the pair in that area is confirmed by the geo tag on the picture which says “Kokomlemle”.
Nana Aba Anamoah
Nana Aba Anamoah

Lexis Bill of Joy FM, who is a close friend of Kojo’s, and who Kojo has allegedly confided in about his relationship with Nana Aba commented on the Instagram picture saying “nice car seat”. The last time Kojo posted a video of Nana Aba on his Instagram Lexis again commented “nice seat”. Obviously, he knows what is going on and is simply teasing the lovebirds. Nana Aba, flustered with love, always responds to Lexis laughing.
Nana Aba also put a similar picture on her whatsapp as her display picture but from a different angle showing more of the inside of the car. Unfortunately, we were unable to save this picture before she took it down.
Interestingly, while the two remained publicly tight-lipped about the investigative reports we have been producing, Kojo Yankson, in naive and infantile fashion, slipped up and in a subtle way confirmed our last story about their spa date.
Kojo on Wednesday 23rd November very early in the morning retweeted the story of the spa date. The story had been republished by Ghana Music Blog and tweeted on their twitter page.
Kojo Yankson, probably excited at the idea of being publicly linked to a woman of the calibre of Nana Aba Anamoah, childishly retweeted the story without offering a denial or comment or anything of the sort. Unfortunately for him, our radar picked this up immediately and his retweet. See below:
Surprisingly, when we went back to check for the retweet, Kojo had deleted it. Whether he did so after being scolded by Nana Aba, or whether he did so after realizing the folly of his actions, we don’t know. But somehow the retweet vanished from his timeline.
If this story was untrue, would Kojo Yankson not be minded to either ignore it outright or deny or comment on it? Why just retweet it and leave the public guessing?
We are told confided in a close friend about how shocked he is that his and Nana Aba’s every move appears to be found out. He conceded to that friend that he made a mistake by referring to his massage in his article because that served to confirm that he had gone to the spa with his lover girl-Nana Aba where they had a steamy session in the sauna together.
In other news, Kojo Yankson has another pet name for his sexy lover Nana Aba. He calls her “Bigly”, in reference to her well endowed bust and behind which he may be fascinated with.
The term bigly was popularised by US President-elect Donald Trump during his campaign. Even during Kojo’s recent trip to South Africa he tweeted good morning to his followers and his princess Nana Aba tweeted back “and a ‘bigly’ good morning to you”, referring to their coded name.
Interestingly as we speak, Kojo Yankson’s whatsapp status reads “♡ Bigly”. We wonder who he is referring to! See below:
We will continue to monitor the situation. Nana Aba was spotted in Airport Residential Area around the offices of Anglogold Ashanti in Airport on Monday 21st November 2016 at a rendezvous with a male counterpart believed to be her boyfriend. It is rather strange and somewhat hilarious that amidst all the talk and evidence of a budding romance between Nana Aba and Kojo Yankson, her supposed real boyfriend still continues to spend time with her. Perhaps, rather sadly, he has not followed the goings on.
Kojo Yankson was also spotted on Monday 21st November 2016 around East Legon with a lady counterpart with whom he drove to his home in Ajiriganor. No idea as yet as to her identity, but it is being looked into as we speak.
We will soon be releasing the story on the unfortunate clash between Nana Aba and Kojo Yankson’s wife Pamela Amos. We are told the clash occurred in the presence of Kojo Yankson and Pamela’s 6 year old son, Fiifi and his friends.
Stay tuned….
This piece was submitted by Fidelia Nkansa.


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