READ: Martin Amidu's Response To 'Frivolous' Woyome Motion Which Led To Postponement Of Thursday's Showdown

Martin Amidu
Martin Amidu

Former Attorney General Martin Amidu has filed his response to the motion filed by Woyome’s lawyers which delayed his scheduled cross examination of the businessman – calling it a ‘frivolous’ suit which should be thrown out by the court.
Martin Amidu secured a judgement a few weeks ago from the Supreme Court to enable him cross examine the businessman before the court, under oath, to ascertain how the Ghc 51m judgement debt was used by him and any possible cronies.
The showdown between the two was scheduled for November 24, but had to be postponed when Woyome’s lawyers filed a last minute motion challenging the verdict allowing Amidu to examine the businessman.
Mr Amidu, in court that day, said he was served only that morning, and thus needed time to respond to the suit.
In his response, Amidu argued that the new motion should be thrown out and the cross be allowed to go ahead.
“In the premises I believe that the application for stay of proceedings is frivolous, vexatious and an abuse of the process of the Court and ought to be refused.” he wrote.

“I oppose the application for stay of proceedings on the main ground that it discloses no reasonable ground or grounds for the making of an application for stay of proceedings to this Court pending the discharge or reversal of the ruling and order of this Court dated 16th November 2016 aforesaid to warrant its consideration by this Court.

“Furthermore, the mere allegation that the 3rd Defendant/Applicant is dissatisfied with and aggrieved by the said ruling or that there had been misdirection or a series of them is not a fair, just, or special circumstance warranting an application for the grant of stay of proceeding in this action”. he added.
The Supreme Court would rule on the motion at the next court date on December 1st.


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