Say Namoale. NO Namoale: Dadekotopon MP Repairing Long Neglected Roads With Barely A Week To Elections. The Cynicism Of Gh Politicians On Full Display [PHOTOS]

With just over week to go till the December 7 election, the Member of Parliament for La Dadekotpon constituency, Nii Amasah Namaole, has finally listened to the cries of his constituents and is hard at work fixing some of the major roads in the town which had long been neglected.
Namaole, displaying the cynicism with which Ghanaian politicians approach politics, has constructors hard at work to fix some major, pot-hole plagued roads that residents have long complained about.
One of the roads, the one we call Lante George here in Labadi, is barely 50m from my house and within the past few days, I have noticed work has been ongoing on fixing it.
A particular stretch of the road, just before the Nii Armah Ollenu Memorial School, has been filled with potholes for ages now, forcing cars to usually swerve to use a small corner of the road without the holes, creating a dangerous scenario for pedestrians everytime – yet the road has never been fixed despite numerous complaints from his constituents.
Yet,  ten days to election day – it has been miraculously ‘fixed’ – as has the road running from Trade Fair and by the New Life School.
If you can call it fixed anyway, we have seen so many times in this country projects undertaken hurriedly for a sinister political purpose which do not last long because they were rushed and thus of poor quality.
So why would Namoale engage in such blatant political shenanigans that should be transparent to anyone with three brain cells? That’s because like most Ghanaian politicians, he has no respect for the intelligence of the voting public.  After all, his boss John Dramani Mahama has spent the past few months of his campaign gallivanting across the country inaugurating one hastily completed project after another – so why can’t Namoale do something similar in his constituency?
Politicians carry out such cynical ploys because they work, because the average Ghanaian does not vote not on issues but on partisan lines, and pay very little attention to the constant belittling of their intellect by the politicians. If we could prove to them that we are aware of their disdain for us, they would be forced to adapt and do what we want rather than resting for four years and only turning up in the constituency to plead for our votes again.
Therefore, I am calling on all fellow ‘Labadi-nians’ to vote out this vastly incompetent man out of office. Anyone who lives in Labadi knows he has spent the past three terms he has been in office doing nothing, only turning up during elections. Any Ghanaian who has seen him on a panel discussion on tv or radio knows he is an incoherent babbler who does nothing but disgrace those of us he is supposed to represent.
This last ploy is simply the straw that broke the camel’s back and even though he has a loyal following and the constituency is more NDC than NPP – if enough people rise up he can be kicked out and his opponent, the NPP’s Vincent Odotei Sowah, ushered into office.
namoale   namoale namoale


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