Lydia Forson Responds To A Plus Criticism By Calling Him A Clown

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Lydia Forson has hit back at A Plus after the controversial singer described her as ‘fake’ in a video attacking her for labelling the NPP as intolerant.
In a new post on social media after Plus’ video went up, Forson strikes up a fierce post with a cryptic message calling A Plus a clown and indicating her unwillingness to engage him in a war of words.
“Entertain a clown and you will become part of the circus.” Forson wrote, accompanied with the hashtag #WhenTheyGoLowWeGoHigh, quoting Michelle Obama.
Forson wrote a piece a few days ago on why the NPP would lose the upcoming election, attacking the intolerance of their supporters and saying by insulting their political opponents, they are turning people off.
But A Plus, in a Facebook Live video, tore into the actress, calling her a ‘fake person who can write good english’.
The comedian went in all guns blazing, attacking her premise from her article that the NPP and its supporters are intolerant on social media and in other interactions and thus turn people, even neutrals, off of voting for them.
Plus said Lydia is fake, and that shows why her social media posts get little engagement, because people cannot identify with her. He said her post was simply about selective outrage as there are many times NDC followers have been intolerant and she has said very little about it.
The rapper, who has not been shy of his support for the NPP, emphasised that they are fighting a historic battle to kick out a corrupt and insensitive government and history would bear them out.

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  1. That’s all you got Lydia? Calling him a clown after the wy he lash u so painfully.
    U Shaa oo…now we can all see you are really not as intelligent as you want ppl think you are Lydia.
    Grammer doesn’t win elections and your one vote is just ONE vote so stay there and call ppl clowns. Smh….he still whooped ur nasty cellulite fat a$$

  2. Lydia is a stip!d attention seeker with no more movie roles or active work to do everyday like her fellow nominated colleagues in films. So she has gotten into controversial blogging for any kind of attention whether good or bad. When she wrote this article she was fully aware she was going to ruffle several feathers and that is EXACTLY what she wanted…so all the insults Lydia is getting now, I dont feel an ounce of sympathy for her… #telemo

    1. wooooow u are so intelligent, clap for yourself. and once again you confirmed what she wrote earlier. i guess if she had said something in favour of your party she woulda been the most sensible celebrity huh?

  3. gosh i cant take this anymore. why do npp members always have to insult someone just because they dont share their view. cant this lady just say her view?why do you guys have to insult her. all ghanaians can join one party. just grow the heck up. this is so insane.

    1. hmmmmmm i shock sef. npp members are always insulting people who dont share the same opinion or view. dey think gh is for dem abi? ofcourse dey will hail tht Z-Plus and insult Lydia. I bore sef

  4. Fat girls like Lydia should be at the gym and stop politics. Am a cpp candidate so don’t think am an npp bashing her. She needs to loose at least 75lbs to be featured in movies smh

    1. grow up. what business do you have calling her fat? what has her weight got to do with this?. she is comfortable in her skin how about you?,why are you people so mean?. you are so backward and uncivized for calling her fat.

  5. Until this moment, I have always admired this girl for her wits but it appears beneath the glitter is a bimbo who is inept and just doesn’t know when and how to shut up. She has become an attention seeking whore lately and that is a sign of her inner strength loss and diminished pride.