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Why I Am Voting for CHANGE Come December 7–By Godfred Yeboah Oppong


I know I will be branded and tagged with one particular political party but personally, I don’t really care. And to set the records straight, I don’t belong to and neither am I affiliated to a particular party. I only vote for the party I believe to have the interest of Ghanaians at heart.

December 7th is just some few days away and people are all over the place talking, debating about one political party or the other and since I am unemployed and happen to have a PC and internet access due to the benevolence of some people, I will also write my piece of mind and hope it will benefit someone.

First of all, I would like commend JM and his NDC for the numerous infrastructural projects. If there’s nothing at all, at least I can be proud of the Cape Coast Kotokoraba Market. And thanks to the sub-standard tarred roads in my town, I can confidently walk about in white shirts. And I must say, the new outlook of the Ridge Hospital is something to behold. He has really done well in terms of these structures being built. And thanks to President Mahama my village witches can’t trace me when I’m in Accra because they’ll be confused to believe they are in Dubai after flying over the Circle interchange.

Sometimes someone’s best isn’t good enough. And I believe such is the case of President Mahama. Thanks to him the cedi is “performing so well” just like my NPP member of Parliament in my constituency. I can’t seem to comprehend the bus branding saga and why he didn’t find any foul play in that deal. Come to think of it, who would have something wrong with a deal that leaves your picture on buses all around the country?? And oh, all the other pictures other than that of my beloved president are those of past presidents.

I won’t talk about the ford expedition scandal but I got a few hairs growing on my nails as to why constructing a wall around an embassy could cost $650,000.00. Some people are alleging that almost all the project costs are highly inflated and sub-standard. And to my brothers in the north, I hope we are going to have a guinea fowl party after December 7th. And the supposedly 5,000,000 trees that mysteriously disappeared leaving just 700,000 trees?? I wouldn’t want to even ask how it happened, or were the funds weren’t enough?

And to my fellow unemployed graduates please don’t blame the president entirely for your woes. I have had the pleasure of interacting with a handful and I must admit some of us aren’t doing a good job at personal branding. Some of our CV’s and cover letters are just too bad that no employer will even employ us to work for free. Don’t be so mad at me at this point but that’s the truth. But that doesn’t mean the president is doing a great job either. Thanks to the government my dream of working with Anglogold Ashanti’s Obuasi mine would have to wait. You can just visit this link to see why. For this particular reason I cannot and don’t trust the president when he desperately claims he’ll create more jobs when given another term.

I hope you don’t have a short memory to forget all the good works our president has done do. I do hold the president in high esteem for being able to occupy the highest office in the country. But what baffles me is why the first gentleman of the nation is fond of going back on his words. I’m beginning to think he’s taking those of us who try to believe his utterances for granted. I didn’t talk about dumsor because I just don’t have the time.

So come December 7th I am going to vote for change and that’s not because I don’t like the NDC, its rather because I don’t think our president deserves another term because his track record is known: he will focus on infrastructural development, commission highly inflated projects, probably build a one billion dollar giant wall around our embassy in the US, let graduates languish in unemployment, brand more buses and maybe bicycles, fail to apprehend those who chop our money, award more contracts to family and friends. He might even make me a minister knowing that I didn’t even hold the office of a dining hall prefect when I was in SSS.

And to the party I will be voting for, if you also mess up (should you win power) I will vote against you too. Tweaaaa. You’re not my co-equal because you need my vote and I don’t.

God bless Ghana come December 7th.


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