MUST SEE! Moesha Boduong Shows Her Bare Butt at 2016 Ghana Movie Awards

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Moesha Boduong left very little to the imagination at the 2016 Ghana Movie Awards, which was held Sunday night (December 4) at the Kempinski Hotel in Accra.
As expected, Moesha caused a stare and furtive glances at the hotly anticipated event. The budding actress donned a sheer gown — showing off her bare butt and cleavage. Folks on social media were however unimpressed with her outfit, as many insulted her for being a disgrace to womanhood.
“Irrespective of anything, please what you are wearing is very bad bad. You are a woman and need to cover yourself at least,” said a female Facebook user.

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  1. Ths really bad indeed.. am disappointed.. y our celebraties are tryng to do thing whch arent their taste? We are ghanaians and we blacks. Our nation is a Godly country.. U expose urself to the world befr ur future husband see it.. we hve to learn.. the bible didnt tell us ths… ths isnt good enough…