I Did Not Lose Miserably – Says Diamond Appiah, Who Did In Fact Lose Miserably

Diamond Appiah
Diamond Appiah

Diamond Appiah has taken issue with media reports saying she lost her run for Parliament ‘miserably’ – saying that was not the case at all.
Diamond released a statement attacking the EIB network, which wrote the story with the headline that she lost ‘miserably’.
In her statement, Diamond attacks the network for the headline, claiming they were only coming after her because she attacked their pollster Ben Ephson.
She claims she ‘shifted’ her campaign’s aim from winning herself to getting Nana Akuffo-Addo in office thus she cannot be said to have lost miserably.

Looking at the numbers themselves, however, Diamond did in fact lose miserably. Out of the total votes cast of 75, 792, Diamond earned 433 votes, which represents even less than 1% of the vote.
If that cannot be described as losing miserably, nothing can.
Read her ‘statement’ below…
Official Press Release : My attention has been drawn to an article circulating on social media by EIB n copied by other media houses that I Diamond Appiah lost the Trobu Seat “Mesirably” really did u say I lost mesirably? For your information I got the third highest of votes collated and did better than candidates of CPP n PPP which are established political parties with more sympathizers than the new party’s ticket I contested on.
I know you’re bitter that I criticize your stomach pollster Ben Ephson with that joke of a predication so am not surprised by ur shallow article. It also beats my mind that you were expecting me to win the seat when that goal changed after my party formed an alliance with the Npp n I threw my weight behind Nana Akuffo Addo to help secure more votes for him. Am a selfless citizens of the land who decided to use my resources n platform as a parliamentary candidate to help campaign massively for Nana in the constituency with my team and on all my social media platforms to procure more votes to help give him a clear Victory in this crucial elections knowing very well a vote could make a difference in the race n collectively we all helped achieved that and am so proud of myself. I personally also sponsored some constituents who needed to travel to vote for Nana because every vote was crucial to me n the NPP.
Today I sit n smile bcos all the sleepless nights, door to door campaign, constituency tours n social media campaign have yielded tremendous results. Infact the Npp secured more votes in Trobu n nationwide than they did in 2012. So I didn’t lose mesirably as u claim because Nana Akuffo Addo’s Victory is the Biggest win for me n my team. Many have lost parliamentary elections n ended up with ministerial appointments or other official positions to serve their country so all is not lost. Contesting for Parliament has actually been a blessing bcos it has projected my image as a budding polician, i’ve made a lot of friends and have had the opportunity to interact with thousands of people in my constituency. It has been a humbling n honouring experience for me and am proud I went on that journey. So I guess the one that failed MESIRABLY is your Stomach Journalist n Pollster Ben Ephson. Thank you.


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