Lydia Forson Says She Only "Came To Appreciate' Free Speech Under The Rule Of President Mahama

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President Mahama
President Mahama

President Mahama’s decision to concede to NPP flagbearer Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo, at a time when it had already become abundantly clear that he was losing, is somehow gaining him so much credit.
Whilst the messages bidding him farewell have been mild, Lydia Forson’s might possibly be the most egregious of all, on the verge of being simply untrue.
Taking to twitter, Lydia bid farewell to the President whose performance was so horrible he became the first leader in Ghanaian history kicked out by the people after only one term in charge, and her message to him was somewhat dumbfounding.
“I came to appreciate the true meaning of free speech under your rule, and for that I’m grateful. I Hope the trend continues….” she wrote, to the wide eyed incredulity of her followers and the rest of the country.
Lydia made the sentiment subjective to herself which might be her only saving grace – because by no objective measure can free speech be said to have started flourishing under the NDC government of President Mahama. In fact, President Kuffour did more for free speech than Mahama ever did in his ill fated four years when he repealed the press muzzling criminal libel laws.
As one follower of hers noted, she ‘must be a kid then’. Only that makes what she wrote convey any sort of sense.

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