Suddenly Mzbel Has Made Her Instagram Account Private–Madam is on the RUN

Mzbel and President Mahama
Mzbel and President Mahama

Ghanaian musician Mzbel has suddenly made her instagram account private, possibly because her fans have been going after her since John Mahama lost the elections.
Mzbel had used her social media accounts which were OPENED to aggressively campaign for the NDC and John Mahama–it’s therefore a little surprising that she seems to be on the run now by making her instagram account private.
The truth seems to be that, Mzbel did not even harbor the idea that John Mahama and the NDC could lose the elections.
Before making her account private, GhanaCelebrities.Com reported that fans were going for her head.
A  fan using the username manalysis6 wrote: “@mzbelmusic I’m assuring you this , you can never use the dirty money Mahama gave you for anything better in life. That money is stained with an innocent blood. And it’s ready fly away just like that. You lazy greedy bastard dirty smelly bitch. Go get some GENICURE 442 cuz your shit stinks. Aboa.”
Kukz_beautyproducts also wrote:”u think Parliament is for prostitutes wee smoker’s thief’s and junkys like u….. Next time… talk against Nana and u will smell dry pepper”
Another fan, Deedoraa said: “How far with your trip to Burkina Faso?……do you need Nana to help you with your ticket??? Because we Ghanaians we were tired of you since the 80’s…. Don’t worry, we the npp we are very generous,we can help you with your fare to your new country.”
“Pls HV u started packing your luggage to leave the country cos if u don’t we will deport u so hurry up malafaka” Mhyzzcarolyn also wrote to Mzbel on instagram.
On instagram, a lot of her followers also asked her to renounce her citizenship and leave Ghana as she said she will do–confusing a satirical piece by Ghana’s leading satire and parody website-ScrewLife.Com for a fact.


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4 thoughts on “Suddenly Mzbel Has Made Her Instagram Account Private–Madam is on the RUN”

  1. Haven’t you left Ghana yet? Pls oya, renounce your Ghana citizenship and leave the country. We are really counting on your own words oo pls for once do the right thing and be gone.

  2. Infact dumelo pls marry mzbel becos you are both going to be the most miserable duo for the next 4 years and maybe even longer if Nana wins again. But I guess she’s not Dumelo’s type. She doesn’t have enough money LOL.
    Then dumelo crawl back to ur Police station girlfriend ok, maybe she will feel some pity. Now it’s survival for u oo not pride. If you have learnt anything I hope it’s that pride comes before a mighty fall. #BowToNana # SaluteNana #StandupWhenHeWalksIn #BringBackOurV8


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