Deeply Embarrassing: Woman Claims Actress-Nana Akua Addo Owes Her 12000 GHS Which She Has Refused to Pay & Puts Her On Blast On Instagram

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It does seem actress-Nana Akua Addo has not been cutting her coat according to her size–because, a woman-Mrs Micock has put her on blast, claiming Nana Akua Addo owes her 12,000 GHS and has given her two weeks ultimatum to pay her money.
This is shocking considering how much Nana Akua Addo spends on dresses to make profitless and pointless red carpet appearances–just so she can seal her position as a boss chick on social media.
Mrs Micock wrote: “I’m Mrs Micock! I am married to a very wonderful and intelligent man, with him I have become a better person. He impacts knowledge on me each and every day and I will choose him again in the next world as my husband. Nana Akua Addo, you are owning me 12000 Ghana cedis for 3 years now, anytime I call for my money you want to pick a fight and bring my husband into our conversation.”
She continued: “She has constantly call my husband names that “he is a Fulani old man who will die very soon”. Today too I called for my money, you talking about my husband being an old man that I got married to” really I don’t know how that is your problem? You talk about my husband!, not only is he intelligent, he has charisma, he is a professional and proud to be who he is and what he has achieved in life, that few can talk of the same.”

Diana Akua Amankwah Micock
Diana Akua Amankwah Micock

“You are not his level. Simplicity and humbleness in life does not mean you are at the lower rung of the ladder. I am very proud of him. My old man will never let me go hungry. My old man will never allow me to owe someone for 3 years without paying for me. My old man will not allow me to go to court every morning to plead for money am owing someone not in a million years,” she added.
She went as far as tagging Nana Akua into her message when she ended it by saying: “My old Fulani man is so smart that he advices me to do the needful before pleasing people. I am not a confused human being to live a life to impress people. @nanaakuaaddo I have given you 2 weeks to make my money the 12000 Ghana cedis you are owing me available.”

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  1. It baffles me how one would order expensive stuffs and yet be in debt. Is life a competition at all? This is total madness, can someone just sit this girl down and advise her to stop the unnecessary slaying and plenty edited photos to look relevant. Her current blue ugly dress didn’t make it on the best dress team. It was ugly as f…. And yet brags about the designer. Girl get a life and reason a bit. You’re no longer a kid so be responsible and pay your debt. Mind you the lady you’re mocking her hubby is happily married how about your baby daddy? Shameless girl no wonder bibi bright brought your whole secret out.