Montie's Trio Member-Mugabe is About to Be Refused Entry to UK As He Arrogantly Tells British High Commissioner He's Not GOD & UK is Not Heaven in Some Sort of Twitter Banter

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Salifu'Mugabe' Maase
Salifu ‘Mugabe’ Maase

Of course, the UK’s High Commissioner to Ghana-Jon Benjamin is not God and everyone has a right to tell him their minds.
However, he is the official representative of UK in Ghana and that means he should be treated with respect by all, especially those whose records are somewhat dangerous and would one day want to seek entry to the UK.
One of Montie’s three- Mugabe Salifu Maase, who says his wife and kids are in the UK and will soon visit them may not be able to do so–if he’s considered a risk to UK’s interest.
And taking into consideration Mugabe’s pre and post election 2016 incitements, he surely may be riding on the borderline of being banned or refused entry. On top of this, he’s been at war with Jon Benjamin on twitter when the latter sort of pointed it out to him to be careful.
On the back of the logic that Kennedy Agyepong of the NPP is able to travel freely despite some of his violent and hatred incitements, he, Mugabe should also be able to travel to the UK anytime he pleases to see his family.
Initially, the twitter exchange was as if Jon Benjamin was as usual being funny by thanking Mugabe for making the UK know of his intentions to visit but Mugabe took it further, saying things like the UK is not heaven and the High Commissioner is not God.
Perhaps, what Mugabe does not know is that the Secretary of State can refuse him entry if his refusal is considered as for the public good–despite meeting all the visa requirements.
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