PYPER PEBBLES Writes: Dear Men, Not All Of Us Women Are In For Your Money; Don't Go After A Jobless Lady Whose Only Worry In The World Is Looking Good And Enjoying The Finer Things In Life

shes-not-looking-for-money-status-or-gifts_optWhat is up with the paranoia that men have about paying for a measly GHC 100 meal— what at all do you think about dinner dates? Should the man/woman pay or perhaps they should dutch, I’m confused and it is reasonable.
How do free or cheap dates not lead to sex, but a dinner date does— is that  implying that men only pay for dinner and invite the woman to feast on her after spending too? because per the analogy of most men, when a woman ask them to meet her at the restaurant or the mall, they get funny feelings that all you want is his money.
We have gotten to a phase in our lives where people fall in love for varied reasons. Gone are the days when couples were together just because of the love they have for each other.
Nowadays, the tables have turned and most men seem to think the women in their lives are in because of what and how beneficial their finances is to us. The lavish lifestyles displayed on social media by jobless ladies has given rise to this assertion.
The thirsty ladies who desperately chase after the men with money don’t help matters. They are the reasons for this growing assertion by the men.
Of course your financial independence might inform how some of us respond to your advances BUT keep in mind that not all of us women are in purposely to run your pockets dry.
Some if not most of us ladies are working and earning enough to cater for our everyday needs. Before you came into the picture we could already afford three square meals and a couple of outings plus a decent wardrobe change every now and then.
You coming into the picture do not change anything and we wouldn’t mind picking up the tab to pay the bills when we go out except you wouldn’t allow us to and you have made it known it hurts your ego when we do that.
It doesn’t help matters that some of you men in your quest to woo us promise heaven and earth and buy us expensive gifts just to get us to say yes to your demands. You have no moral right to make a turnaround and accuse us for being in the relationship for financial gains when you started “spoiling” us with money from the get go.
Money is a tricky subject. Most people will tell you that the three major topics people should never talk about are politics, religion and money. The former two are discussions that lead to debates that can never be won, and the latter one, money, just seems to be rude. Whether you have it or you don’t, money is topic many like to avoid on dates and in relationships.
Our men should know that not all women are in for their money. Most importantly, their actions from the beginning determine how well we thread on their pockets.
If you’re looking to date someone who won’t drain you financially, why go after a jobless lady who’s only worry in the world is looking good and enjoying the finer things in life. Obviously your pockets would be the source of her lavish lifestyle.
Dear men, on behalf of every decent lady out there, just know that not all of us are in for your money. Don’t let the actions of a thirsty few cloud your better judgement.
If a woman prefers her man to have money,it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s a gold digger. It can simply mean that she wants to experience life with you.
Thank you.


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