Ghana Police Taking Bribes Via Mobile Money Now? Social Media Post Describes How An Officer Took Bribe By Claiming License Was Expired Even Though Such Checks Have Been Outlawed

It seems with Christmas on the horizon and the cessation of the road checks for police, their pockets are being left dry so drastic measures have to be taken.
According to social media user Rababat Oseni, a female police officer stopped her and subjected her to the very checks that the police hierarchy have outlawed, claiming her driver’s license has expired.
This officer, identified as Afia Poku, used this illegal premise to then extort 50 cedis from her. Funnily enough, she even requested for the fee via mobile money. Unbelievable.
Rababat recounted the encounter on Facebook, accompanied by all the details of this rogue officer.
She wrote….

Ghana Police Patrol team with car no GP-3760 stopped me and said my driver’s licence has expired,(we all know that govt has asked police to stop checking licences n i still have the old n cover licence note.I was asked to pay 50 cedis or follow them to Vivian farm. The police officer by name Afia Poku with phone number (0541298272) insisted I pay through mobile money which I did cos I had to attend a meeting which I was running late. I guess early Christmas for her. I will follow it up…
Lastly what killed me was the officer’s body odour and he was pointing his gun and right now I have been sneezing ??? I want to tag the Ghana Police

It would be interesting to see whether the force would address this issue publicly or just pretend it never happened. Christmas is on the horizon, afterall – I imagine more than one officer would be engaging in such conduct because they believe they can get away with it.


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