Socrate Safo Starved His Workers And Used Them As Prostitutes – Reject His Potential Appointment As Deputy Creative Arts Minister

Socrate Sarfo

Dear Chris,
Your website has become the number 1 place to place news if it is to have any effect. I chanced upon this campaign on Halifax Addo’s facebook and I was very scared because this is my field. I am a Ghana film crew member. I have written this letter, not with my real name because I am scared of what Socrates will do to me. But I am sure using your platform will save us from this impending doom.
Reject Socrates Safo as Deputy Minister.
There is an ongoing campaign to endorse Socrates Safo as the deputy minister for Creative Arts.
I have sent a copy of this letter to the office of Nana Addo and I would like the good people of Ghana to ponder on my words and reject a tyrant and a cheat like Socrates.  Socrates has always been about Socrates and not anyone else.
How anyone would endorse a man who openly exploits the youth in the name of movie making baffles me. All the girls under Socrates acting club have become prostitutes, escorts of some sort under his tutelage. A fact that is not surprising considering his past.
Who am I? I am a young man who has known Socrates Safo since his days at Movie Africa at the Trade Fair Center.
I know him to be a man who never paid his staff
After 6pm when all his employees have left, he and one Mr Tetteh, who owned a photography studio next to his office, start their night business, a prostitution ring. I can name the lady who supplied him girls, but she is a newly married woman today and I shall preserve her marriage.
They took naked pictures of girls that they exported to Germany. These girls end up in porn videos and sex acts with dogs. This is not hear say, he used to show me this pictures. I am a young man, even younger back then and I used to close from my office downstairs from him just to enjoy the sign of these girls and films.  Now I am a husband to daughters and It is my duty to protect them.
Have we so soon forgotten the movie Hot Fork? Adults Only? Films that can only be described as soft porn films? Is this the best we can do as a nation? Please, collectively reject any effort to endorse Socrates Safo as a Minister of State.
I used to chat with him back then when the French Embassy was giving him grants for filmmaking. He spends a small sum on the film and uses the rest to buy cars and build his house.
His employees starved and he prospered. What will he do with a political mandate?
Socrates Safo asked us to boycott Ghana Movie Awards, filmmakers, Nigerian filmmakers, he has maligned people better than him and stolen many times from FIPAG. He will destroy the film industry of Ghana if he given any mandate.
Please circulate this letter. Let Socrates deny any of these words and I will write again, with names and supporting evidence. The legacy of Socrates Safo is Suzzy Williams, Adults Only, Hot Fork, Opera Square, Baby Blanche etc.
He has never made anyone a star. How can he make our industry a star?
James Kwesi/Ghana


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This post was published on December 20, 2016 9:34 AM

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