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Writer Efe Plange's Definition Of A Responsible Man Is Not One Who Has Material Wealth And Lavishes You With Money (VERY INTERESTING READ)

The definition of a responsible man is not what many women have built up as in their heads, writer Efe Plange has said.
It is almost a given in societal relations that w0men expect their men has to provide every single need of his woman to be tagged as a ‘responsible man’.
For many women, this state of affairs is their reality, and thus approach their relations with men on that footing. But writer Efe Plange is kicking against that kind of definition, arguing that a man’s material standing is actually not the measure of how responsible he is.
“A responsible man is a man who is responsible for “himself” first” she wrote in a post on social media.
According to her, women have to cater for their own ‘basics’ first, and then they can build on their relationship with their ‘responsible man’ – who has certain traits that are more responsible than his wallet.
Read her post below….
A responsible man is not one who owns his car, house, buys you pretty things, and gives you money when you ask him. I blame women’s delayed education, and the numerous institutions and paternalistic ties that somehow keep increasing the economic gap between the two genders. It is the reason we keep thinking this way and keep lowering the bar.
A man who gives you when asked is kind; A man who gives you even when you haven’t asked is thoughtful; A man who has his own things (business, car, house, higher education) is accomplished. My dear woman, I know the economy is hard but strive to get these things on your own and you would realize that a responsible man is a man who is responsible for “himself” first:

1. He is responsible enough to identify situations that compromise the future of your relationship and acts accordingly to avoid those threatening situations.
2. A responsible man is responsible enough to first of all admit his mistakes and isn’t “too big” to apologize for his wrongs.
3. A responsible man listens and is always on the look out to only do things that please you and not offend/annoy/discourage you.
4. A responsible man is responsible enough to want you to succeed as much as he does.
5. A responsible man is revolutionary in his thinking and is open to new ideas that forward the goals of your relationship.
To get to this level of appreciation you first need to get your own basics. Your priorities on your “Mr. Right” list would change drastically! Let’s raise the bar a little!


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