Man Who Claims To Be Michael B Jordan's Gay Boyfriend Puts Him On Blast

20161226_135311Apparently the Creed star is one who loves to take it from behind— though he has refuted those claims, one guy who created a fake Instagram account has passed a different comment.
The man claims that he is Michael’s secret gay lover and that he has videos to prove their relationship.
“STOP trying to bribe me with hush money. GET THE FUCK OUT of my inbox asking me not to release the videos OF US! because it will ruin your career.
How you gonna keep telling me you love me but keep hiding me? Let’s talk about the CREED PREMIER and how I had to stand off to the side as one of your HOMEBOYS so people wouldn’t know you invited your GAY LOVER to come celebrate with you.
I’ve given you 2 years of my life I cannot get back MICHAEL 2 YEARS!!! You will never find somebody who’s going to love you like I did I don’t care what anybody else says I still love you and you love me I just don’t understand why you keep hurting me.
I don’t give a fuck what anybody has to say because I’m in openly proud gay man. Fuck what the world thinks. But I will not take your money to be silenced.”


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