Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte Threatens To Throw Corrupt Public Officials Out A Flying Helicopter – Says He's Done It Before

The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, is causing quite the stir in his homeland with some comments about what he plans to do with public officials caught in corruption scandals.
According to the President, who has a history of making controversial statements, he would take any corrupt public official for a ride in a chopper and then whilst they are in the air, throw them out down to their deaths!
He said he has done it before and he would not hesitate to do it again.
“Whoever will use this (public funds) for corruption, I will get him ride the helicopter with me going to Manila and will push him out while we we are up on the air,” Duterte said in a speech Tuesday, according to CNN.
“Yes I will do that! I did that before and I can do that again.”
Local media reports Duterte’s reference to having done it before is the suspected killing of a local kidnapper.
When a spokesperson for the leader was later asked to clarify his comments by the CNN, he simply said: “It happened; he said it.”


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