Cwesi Oteng ‘Prophesies’ – John Dumelo Would Be President Of Ghana One Day

John Dumelo
John Dumelo

Gospel singer Cwesi Oteng, who endorsed NPP flagbearer Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in the just ended elections, has given out an interesting ‘prophesy’ this New Year.

According to the singer, actor John Dumelo is a surefire bet for President of Ghana sometime in the future.

In a tweet directed at John at the start of the year, Oteng wrote:

“John Dumelo will one day be president of Ghana.” he wrote on the social networking site. “Remember.”


John Dumelo has been a staunch NDC follower the past few years, and has confessed to harbouring a future Presidential ambition.



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6 thoughts on “Cwesi Oteng ‘Prophesies’ – John Dumelo Would Be President Of Ghana One Day”

  1. There will always be false prophets in this world. It is even in the bible. Tweaaaaa after Dumelo ridiculed and humiliated Nana Addo who is older than he (dumelo’s) father and even went further to declare he can never see Nana Addo as President?
    God does not reward two faced hypocrites and disrespectful babies with sharp teeth with presidency. Dumelo can be president of their $tup!d actors guild not Ghana. FINISH!!!!!!!!

  2. This crook who even dupes his several girlfriends with promises of marriage just to win their trust then collect their money and run! KAI!!! Am glad one even took him to the CID. The record will be there forever plus his cheque to the lady which shows she was not lying, he thought he could lie & fool her like the others.
    Then can you imagine the lies he will tell us Ghanaians if he is ever president and the amount of state money he will steal. Mr V8, ye nim wo fri titi wai – Dear God forbid dumelo ever being president in Jesus name and protect Ghana from such diabolical snakes become he is weak and easily tempted by money and lavish lifestyle for show.

  3. We don’t want greedy, womanizing bastards and babies with sharp teeth driving state V8, chopping Gh money even in small campaign positions as our president. Then can you imagine what he is capable of doing in a big position like president. There is a reason why GOD stopped NDC disgracefully from coming further just like he stops the ocean because God knows it can destroy us all if not stopped. Dumelo President. KAI… That is why there is a congress to select presidential candidate. Dumelo will end up with single lotto numbers if he even tries.

  4. Hahahahahaha…..if dumelo can get past Papa J in one peace then he may be president. Even Uncle Oko and JM have learnt that they shd have listened to Papa J, a grown and experienced party founder. You dumelo where did your crawl from? Isn’t it becos of money you followed selassie into NDC? Looting and cheating, just like you treat women. Good luck, kwasia like you dumelo. I hope they jail you and your selassie too plus all the other looters. Bring a full payment receipt for the V8 you took and show auditors how you got $100,000 after only one movie last year (amakye & dede) with all ur other businesses collapsed including that hotel for the woman you were $hagging who kicked you out after your games with her. Thieves and greedy b@$tards, you will rot in jail. Your cup is full that is why you suffered such humiliating unprecedented defeat in the history of Gh democracy

  5. This presidency is a BIG NO. ( Sealed Prophesy)
    All the years you took from women, you will now go hungry and roam like a dog the same number of years. The monies you took, u will wake up on some days with only coins in ur pocket then you will remember those women and their care for u which u abused. Shd u get married, your wife will drive you insane to the point where u will sleep in hotels Just to avoid going home. Some of the horror stories you have put good and supportive women thru will haunt u forever. I wonder how you have the guts to go before God with that your occasional fake preaching for attention on social media. You can read the bible yet ridicule Nana Addo? An elder older than your own father. You see your curse now. Opposition, humiliation, fright and disgrace. #Onaapo
    Shameless idiot.


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