‘It Wasn’t A Disgrace Supporting Mahama’ – John Dumelo Defends His Political Choices

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John Dumelo
John Dumelo

Actor John Dumelo was put on the defensive by a hostile follower online, forcing him to proudly stand and declare his pride in his political activism over the past year or so.

Dumelo said he was not ashamed of his support for President Mahama, rejecting the premise that his support had been a ‘disgrace’.

A twitter user had tweeted at the actor, as part of a back and forth, that he was simply advising him to avoid ‘future gargantuan and enormous unprecedented disgrace’.

But Dumelo swiftly hit back to defend himself, saying his support of the former President cannot be branded as a disgrace.

“It wasn’t a disgrace supporting Jm. I stood for what I believed in.” he tweeted back.

He added: “@ said let’s all bury our differences and move Ghana forward.”

John Dumelo was all in for John Mahama in the election, and authored a post a few days before election day enumerating the ‘sacrifices’ he had made to support him. Mahama ultimately lost, and Nana Akufo-Addo ascended to office earlier today after he took the Presidential oath.


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  1. Shu….t up it was a disgrace because you were hungry lol and went as far as insulting an older man in your campaign. We’ll see you in 2040 because Ndc would be dead and buried after Monday. Hungry politician

    1. Now this first class opportunist is trying to rub shoulders and make connections with the NPP.
      Yesterday he wrote on his twitter that he was invited to the inauguration so he was at the square and will be attending subsequent events (no pictures added from dumelo of all people). Anyway some NPP girls who were at the events openly confronted him on twitter to show himself because they are also at the event. Then john said he was going to the beach and blocked the girls from further embarrassment of himself but we all saw the tweets already.. It was hilarious on twitter yesterday, I laugh saaa…Its now been confirmed that nobody from NPP invited Dumelo to any of their celebrations yesterday. HE LIED! John was boasting and bragging as usual and talking big. See why God did not let NDC win? even with a loss look how he is behaving….

  2. CHRIS VINCENT, this is not a true representation of what happened on twitter yesterday btn John and the 2 ladies. The prolonged exchange started when dumelo LIED about being invited to the inauguration and claimed he was already at the square and would be attending the cocktail too. This infuriated one of the girls who was at the event and she called him a fat liar. She told him to stop pretending and bragging all the time cos that’s one of the reasons they lost the election cos of his big mouth.. When john realized the girls had busted him he then wrote he was going to the beach. The girls never apologized to dumelo but GC put John’s screenshot there as if the girls apologized to him, why and for what? The girl’s screenshot is still on twitter telling him point blank that there is NO apology to him and further clarifying her disappointment at him. why did chris Vincent and his team leave her screenshot out?
    GC, GET THE STORY STRAIGHT cos its TWO SIDES!!!!. nobody said it was a disgrace to follow mahama, the girls said the margin of loss was a disgrace not the political party. Jeez!!
    The girls further openly tweeted at ghanacelebrities to correct this article, the tweets are still on twitter, but GC still went ahead to make dumelo look like the victim when he rather disgracefully lied and was caught in his very transparent lie.

  3. Dumelo dieh mouf mouf sooor. why would Nana Addo invite you to his inauguration and even worse why would u want to go and mingle with ppl u described yourself as acid party people. Are you not afraid they will pour acid on you there.
    Dumelo is such an opportunist its not funny. He even wishes he can get post in Nana’s govt to fill his stomach. Tweaa f00l!sh boy! You die finish…NPP go finish you and expose all ur shady deals and the V8 too

  4. Hahaha… Dumelo is a big liar. Let me set the record categorically straight and confirm that he was NOT at any of the social events we held yesterday neither was he invited to our inauguration.
    I was one of the NPP event planners. He was NEVER on ur list….not at all!!

  5. But why shd dumelo lie that his at an open location when by all means somebody will see or not see u?
    I didn’t know he was that $tup!d.. Since when did he want to mingle with acid party people and short men who can never be president as he himself proclaimed?? john your cup is full. now women sef dey deal with you mercilessly left right center. you have become like an over-used rag, and I can smell opportunistic behavior all over ur claim of being at the inauguration. you want a chance to enter into NPP too huh since NDC blast? you lie bad…kai, we don’t want no damaged dead beat errand boy, looter and opportunist amongst us. Make no mistake, everything you have stolen will be returned to the state so prepare. Find a good lawyer

  6. He said he was where? at the inauguration…LIAR!!!!! this boy f00l pass 100 dead goats! He was NOT there and was not invited either. I was told he was rather searching and begging for invite to attend but nobody minded him kraaa….and on the real why would anyone mind him. Who wants to show up with Dumelo and spoil their reputation with the NPP party at this crucial time of govt change. No thank you!

  7. I am shocked GC didn’t focus on john’s lie but rather his pathetic play of NDC victim..very disappointed in Chris Vincent for reporting only one side of this story even after I saw the girls correcting ghanacelebrities openly on twitter when this article came out!