Okyeame Kwame Celebrates Wife Annica On Their Anniversary So Much We’re Just A Little Bit Jealous! (Read His Perfect Message)


The ‘rap dacta’ Okyeame Kwame is celebrating his lovely wife, Annica Nsiah Apau, on the momentous occasion of their wedding anniversary.

Okyeame Kwame constantly proves how much he loves his wife and never hesitates, even publicly, to keep praising her over and over. For their anniversary last year, for instance, he penned an extraordinary letter listing seven reasons he loves his wife so much.

It’s adorable and endearing and frankly makes us a little jealous – but OK is back this year with more lovely words for Annica on the occasion.

“Happy anniversary, my wife, my life @mrsokyeame.” he wrote on Instagram late Monday, before posting the real message.

Read below Okyeame Kwame’s endearing anniversary message…


MUSIC: Your voice is melody to my ear, Harmony to my soul, Rhythm to my body. When life’s pressures distort my timing, You are my Syncopation. My own Amakye Dede’s “Akwada wisua”, Kojo Antwi’s “Groovy”, R2Bees’ “Odo”.

Can you please visit the same ‘Osofo’ that Daddy Lumba visited on the “Wind no” song so that when observers say that you have ‘jujued’ me I can tell them “Menya mpo”.

MOVIE: You are a movie to watch. You are an exposure, the rise, the tension, the suspense. I admire the way you interact with the antagonist (usually me), the display of mercy during the resolution. In the morning, you are Drama. In the afternoon you are Fiction. In the night you are a thriller. As real as Stephen Spielberg directing Agya Koo. You keep my mind wondering what is to come next. Anni you move me. You are Shirley Frimpong without the “Manso”. You made me Chris Attoh and you are Jackie in “Perfect picture”.


PAINTING: I have a confession. There are nights when I have returned from studio only to turn the lights on pretending to be working when all that I actually do is stare at your motionless body. Without makeup, a tight dress to accentuate your body, a pose, you look more beautiful than Monalisa. Picasso’s handy work envies you. That’s when I wish I could freeze the moment and pay billions of cedis to relive it all at times. Natural strokes of God’s imagination carved in love is who you are.

POETRY: The rhythm of your love always ends in a rhyme, sacrificing your time and not requesting for a dime. Not appreciating your efforts is a crime. Metaphorically, your beauty is skin-deep. Your patience, really deep. Understanding, meekly steep. My promise is, you will never weep. Your smile can stop a war. You should be at Darfur. Ironically, you are bad. Even days that you cause me trouble, you an Oxymoron, Bitter-Sweet. I have heard a car cry after you stepped out of a car, because it did not want to lose your presence. The essence of this Personification leads to my Exaggeration with the waist of a wasp and the hips of an Elephant. You have the body of Nicki Minaj and the brain of Michel Obama. Oooo Mama!!!

PHOTOGRAPHY: You’ve touched my spirit with your color sensitive material. Everyday I take photos of you with my eye, process it in my heart, to watch it in my mind. Eight years of snaps(fights), clicks(friendship), focusing, zooming-in our positives and zooming-out our negatives. Today is a Kodak moment. Let’s be trapped in this imagery of everlasting love for lack of a better word. What I feel is beyond love so let me print a million copies and share it with the world. My “Adonko” song is dedicated to you.

HAPPY ANNI-VERSARY!!! Can’t wait to hold your hand when we are eighty and say, “WE MADE IT!!” Tonight we will dance “Adonko” cos you inspired it.


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