VIDEO: Mentally Constipated Church Members Of Obinim Shower Money On Their Millionaire Bishop

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It is truly amazing the gullibility levels constantly displayed by the African Christian, it doesn’t matter where you go it is always the same – South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana – everywhere you find people waiting to be exploited by confidence tricksters otherwise known as pastors.

For instance, T.B Joshua, who claims to be a prophet extraordinaire with a direct line to God, failed to see that his own church was going to collapse and kill his church members. He confidently predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the US elections – yet this charlatan still retains followers throwing their money at him.

We have our own version here in Bishop Daniel Obinim. Obinim claims supernatural powers that allows him to turn into any animal he likes, infiltrate anyone’s dreams and do whatever he likes. The powers he claims and which his followers bestow on him seem more like magic than anything else, yet he remains one of the most followed prophets in the country.

At a recent service, the Bishop, who brags about the number of houses and cars he owns, was showered with money by members of his congregation, allegedly for performing a miracle. If there’s anyone in that room who does not need money it’s Obinim, yet he is the one being showered with money?

And which part of that performance looks even vaguely Christian? Jesus was notoriously anti-rich (something all the rich pastors conveniently forget) – once telling a rich man to sell all his properties, give to the poor and follow him. You really think that Jesus would approve of money being thrown around in his ‘temple’ like that? “My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.” he said to the traders as he threw them out of the temple. I don’t believe in Jesus but on this point I agree with him.

If this is not mental constipation, I don’t know what is…Check out the nauseating video below…

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