The Irony Of ‘Christians’ Defending And Supporting The Ashanti Customs Which Amount To Nothing More Than Fetishism – Chris-Vincent Writes


The social media sphere has been abuzz this morning after editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, wondered aloud what right Manhyia had to declare a curfew and carry out actions during the celebration of the late Asantehemaa’s funeral which goes outside what legal powers it could possibly possess.

The viral post, which can be read in entirety here, has generated massive conversation with many people offended that anyone could decided to challenge the so-called sovereignty of the Ashanti Kingdom.

It has led to several ad hominem attacks on Chris-Vincent despite the fact that legally, the point he makes is valid.

In a response to the numerous attacks he is receiving, the founding editor of BrutallyUncensored.Com has posted another thought provoking comment on the glaring hypocrisy on display amongst those stridently defending the Ashanti Kingdom.

According to Chris-Vincent, most of these people are Christians whose religion prohibits them from engaging in activities such as those which occured during the funeral, which fall under the umbrella of African Traditional Religion.

Yet not only are these Christians not shunning such acts, they are actively participating in or stridently defending them.

“The hypocrisy of the Ghanaian religious zealot is legendary.” he wrote. “We don’t stand for anything, especially when we are found in the middle of our own opposing arguments.”

Full post below…

Since you cannot have intellectual conversations with a lot of Ghanaians as my first post on Culture, the Asanteman and the Curfew has shown–let’s try this one, it may work.

A lot of people, more likely based on tribal association are justifying the curfew and everything that took place in Kumasi in the last three days–without even leaving room for criticism, opposing views or questions.

Ironically, a lot of these people are Christians–I therefore find it deeply confusing that Christians are in support and celebrating the display of unrestrained occultism and fetishism. We saw “plenty” of that.

The distinction between Culture and African traditional religion, which many Christians without doubt crucify, condemn and call evil is little or not even there.

We saw the likes of Kwaku Bonsam and the others at play–and interestingly, our Christian culturalists, are happy, defending, supporting and admiring occultism and fetishism.

I know that’s culture too!

The hypocrisy of the Ghanaian religious zealot is legendary. We don’t stand for anything, especially when we are found in the middle of our own opposing arguments.

Now, what is what? Should we allow the celebration of Cultures that celebrates and perpetuates what God prohibits, in a Christian country or society?

How are the Christians or Muslims supporting this–against the clear commandments of their God?

I thought we were supposed to step on the gods, burn them down and actually have nothing to do with those who associate with these gods or give them any sort of reverence.


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