We Didn’t Lose Because of Incompetence; We Lost Because The Youth Were Impatient — Mahama

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President Mahama

Former president, John Mahama says he is not buying claims from critics who say his party, NDC, lost because of incompetence.

According to Mahama, the NDC’s utterly embarrassing shellacking could be attributed to the impatience of the youth who wanted quick results.

“The world’s population in increasing, social media has brought communications to the doorsteps of people. In Africa we have a very young population that is impatient and they are in a hurry to see results,” he said during a meeting with the minority and some leading members of his party in Accra.

He also added that he and his party folks were victims of change that has been blowing across the world in recent times.

“There is a certain wind breezing across the world and so even though there might have been acts of omission or commissions on our part that led to our loss it is also part of a certain wind that is sweeping across the world,” he said.


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