The Dilemma Yvonne Faces After Losing Her Dad–She Doesn’t Give A Hoot About the Death?

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Yvonne Nelson

GhanaCelebrities.Com earlier reported that movie entrepreneur and actress Yvonne Nelson, has lost her dad.

From where we sit, the actress has been quite silent on the sad circumstance which happened on Monday.

Is Yvonne Nelson really feeling it’s just a random person who has passed on just as she once said in an interview below;

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“My dad was not a part of my life because he wasn’t there for me. So, I almost do not say anything about him because there is no relationship or love between us. My dad is like any other person out there because I didn’t have a chance to develop a relationship with him. We have each other’s phone numbers and he calls me when he feels like talking to me. It always feels like talking to a random person because there are absolutely no feelings whatsoever,”

All the same, the screen goddess still has our condolences…

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