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Tic Tac has written an open letter lamenting the fact that DJ’s in the country are contributing too much to the destruction of the industry by having their ‘favourites’ whose music they always play.

Tic Tac said instead of playing music according to its merits, they have their favourites and continually promote those ones, to the detriment of more talented acts who might not be their favourites.

Tic Tac said he himself has suffered due to such practices.

He outlined his concerns in an open letter. Read below…

I wonder why a lot of great tunes brewed in the “music pot” of Ghana with the tendency of taken Africa and the world by storm do not make it, no matter how high it is pushed.

Considering my years of doing music, I have come to conclusion that one of the major reasons stabbing us in the back is “dj’s and industry players affiliations”. It is one of the major music cancer that is somewhat militating against the growth of our music industry.

This affiliation silently operates in this regard ” If it’s not from my camp or it’s not my artiste, then it shouldn’t happen.”

We should not forget that giving support to others invariably means giving opportunity and support to creativity and creating a more healthy competition among musicians in the country.

To another extent, it will also help boost the industry and open up the horizon, which normally gives birth to great music stars in the end.

What we need to keep in mind is, when this happens, there will not be much of a vacuum for foreign materials.

Clearly, let’s stay true to our music, because there’s a lot to be done by you and me.

Somebody will say “fuck off” but in truth I have been “fucked off” so many times, to the extent that it doesn’t bother me anymore.

Sometimes you just find out something very crucial to the growth of your trade and you feel like sharing instead of keeping quiet. Thank You (@tictacgh)

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