Cwesi Oteng And George Quaye Exchange Disgusting Insults On Live Radio Over Bribery Saga

Cwesi Oteng For Award
Cwesi Oteng For Award

Gospel Artiste Cwesi Oteng has angrily left some unexpected ballistic words for George Quaye live on Okay Fm. earlier reported about the feud between Cwesi Oteng and George Quaye who is the P.R.O of Charter House.

We thought it’s easy and quite normal for Ghanaian celebrities to hide behind Twitter accounts to make certain utterances because they easily claim their account have been hacked BUT Cwesi Oteng proves he doesn’t wear a mask on social media.

Probing the matter on Okay Fm, George Quaye and Cwesi Oteng were called in live to make their submissions clearer concerning the developing issue and it was rather a catastrophe.

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Through the conversation, George Quaye insisted that how Cwesi Oteng is overly concerned about his allegation, he is creating the impression that he is the culprit. Minister of God, Mr Oteng, instantly got furious and replied him saying:

“it’s only f**lish to speak like that…it’s a shame to talk like that”.


George bluntly replied

You making people think, you want the chance to be relevant

This is where the Minister of God dropped off any “Minister Of God brand”  and called George Quaye

“Nonse*se” and added “You think people are working for your awards”

It took the intervention of Abeiku Santana to calm the shouts but a disgruntled Cwesi said he is not contesting for “good character awards” so he doesn’t mind whether his genre hinders his attitude or not.

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However,  George Quaye apologized for his utterances describing Mr Oteng’s ranting as attention seeking to revive his career. He promised to name some of the suspects later, reiterating that he has evidence to back his claim.

For now, we think  Cwesi Oteng has become the SHATTA WALE of the year, what do you think and which gospel artistes do you suspect attempted the bribery, are they even just taking the sacred “God” for granted or they are rather into “God Business“????


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