PHOTOS Of Alleged Husband Snatcher-Frema Ashkar–Check Out Pics of the Woman Said to Have Snatched Kwabena Kwabena & Collapsed His Second Marriage

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Frema Ashkar

The thickness of Frema Ashkar’s make-up is capable of building the Donald Trump’s much talked about Mexico wall and yet, she has been able to snatch Ghanaian musician-Kwabena Kwabena from his second wife, Abena Owusuaa–that’s if we are buying into the hovering allegations.

Frema who is said to be divorced from her husband with whom she has children has for some time now been posing as the manager of Kwabena Kwabena. But as it emerged yesterday, there’s more to their relationship which has led to Kwabena Kwabena ending his second marriage, claiming his wife stole his heart with juju.

GhanaCelebrities.Com spoke to a source close to Abena Owusuaa (Kwabena Kwabena’s second wife) who rubbished Kwabena Kwabena’s juju claim and said, Kwabena Kwabena is a serial cheat who has been cheating on his second with Frema Ashkar, a former employee of TV3 and now with Metro TV.

The source even alleged that the last straw that broke the camel’s back was when Kwabena Kwabena impregnated their house help,

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It’s be a nasty business as Kwabena Kwabena’s first wife-Esther whom he left to marry Abena Owusuaa also claimed at the time that Abena snatched Kwabena Kwabena from her–and that Kwabena Kwabena was cheating on her with Abena.

After a few years of marriage, Abena is also crying that Frema has paid her in her coin–leaving us with the question, who is going to snatch Kwabena Kwabena from Frema.

If you are wondering how the hell this Frema Ashkar looks like, we have put together 10 photos of her for you.

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