AGOO TV Shows A Complete P*RN Scene At 3 in the Afternoon On Saturday When Children Are At Home And Ghanaians On Social Media Are Upset–But Who is Going to Do Anything About It?

Agoo TV

In a civilised society like the United Kingdom where I live (and you can get upset for all you want), you wouldn’t find a TV station showing anything close to the above at 3 in the afternoon–on Saturday when children are at home.

But in Ghana, this is nothing new–unlicensed as adult TV stations show full porn and people swear or say whatever they want on air, without anyone giving a hoot about it.

A section of Ghanaians on social media are upset about AGOO TV owned by EiB Network showing what is obviously an inappropriate movie at 3PM  on Saturday with kids at home, uncensored and without any prior warning.

Even if there was a prior warning, you cannot show such a scene as the above on a free-to-watch TV at that time of the day.

Pope Dee Barnabas IV who captured the screenshots took to Facebook to complain wrote:

You should be sensitive and conscious about the content you churn out at 3:00pm to little kids in the name of Animated Movies.

Come on!

How can you explain such trash on your network at this hour with no warning or caution for parental guidance ?????

If you know how we suffered to see these things at age 20 mpo like you won’t be freely showing them and denigrating Ghanaian values on free-to-air stations.

Please if you know their MD, tell him we are disappointed and that this is worse than taking a bribe at Parliament #forkins

A Facebook user-Quuqua Aidoo also commented: “This is just crazy. In most homes by this time mothers are busy in the kitchens and fathers probably out of the home with kids having the TV to themselves. Can you imagine walking in and seeing your child watching this?”

And ‘Sapphire Bright’ Owoo asked: “Who’s responsible for monitoring these stations, no decorum in what they show. It’s Saturday, kids are home and lots of parents and guardians are busy, how can you show this at this time of the day? I mean how?”

Of course, a bunch of adults are being paid each month as those responsible for monitoring the airwaves, but this is Ghana we are talking about–they won’t do their work and no one will hold them or the stations accountable.

We have the National Media Commission with a bunch of government paid workers in Ghana–literally doing nothing and rather concerned with banning satire websites like ScrewLife.Com.

It’s unfortunate that millions of people will have bring their kids up in such a jurisdiction where profit maximation seems to be at the forefront of everything, including when the welfare of children is concerned.

Agoo TV

The BBC received over 2000 complaints last year for its wall to wall coverage of the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis–but in Ghana, such an unpardonable and distasteful showings continue, with only a few raising eyebrows.

If any TV station showed this in the UK even at 8 in the evening, about 5 high ranking officials of the TV station would resign or be sacked.

I feel sorry for a lot of Ghanaian parents–due to the lack of strict broadcasting regulations and poor enforcement of those that exist.


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