The Girls Have Done A Lot, So Boys Must Spend On Them This Valentine – – Tee Phlow

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Tee Phlow

This is time on the calendar where some boys easily get angry with their girlfriends and quit their relationships. All just to swerve Valentine expenditure. We know it’s the same time where girls easily fall in love too, either with their Bosses or capable boys.

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However, we don’t know the suffering girls have undergone in the hands of new school rapper Tee Phlow but he says the chicks have done a lot and they must be well appreciated in this love season.

Tee Phlow’s kind of appreciation is not saying “thank for being there for me, I love you” but the appreciation where money talks.

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Speaking to Antoine Mensah on Live Fm, about his advice to Boys Boys in this love season, he said

” I just wan tell boys say make boys spend, Boys afa omo ho adwin , N*ggers wan put thema phones for flight mode and things … make boys spend, Mmaa no omo y3 bi ma y3n, omo y3 bi ma y3n, a lot so Chale when it comes to these times, at least wontumi koraa..fa no k) hw3 movie bi “

The Ex-Hammer school boy however disclosed why he parted ways with the veteran Producer.

According to him, he needs a financial strength that will market the arts Hammer has nurtured and his new four year management deal with SpyderLee Entertainment rests on that.

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