Dear Men: When A Woman Asks You To Be Romantic; This is What She Actually Means And Not What You’ve Always THOUGHT

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Leave us to be woolly— after all we are in the month of love and the floodgates of pettifogging on all love and romance inclined issues has been duly opened.

January was no good month and we are overly excited to usher ourselves into this new month of love.

That notwithstanding, we are very much in the known about all the drama that comes with this month. Some of the most ridiculous and unsavoury breakups and heartbreaks is about to hit the world.

We will leave that piece for next time.

Love comes ultimately with romance— ask me and I will tell you both are best friends and as such inseparable.

One without the other is like taking a bag of sand to the beach, useless if not entirely insane.

Talk about romance and the judgemental male would tell you that is for the ladies and would even go further to tell you how irrelevant it is.

But tell me what is so wrong about taking long walks and just enjoying loud silence with your significant other?. The thing is it adds spice to the relationship whether we may want to admit it or not.

No wonder these men loathe anything telenovela-ish. Some of us are incurable when it comes to romance and would not have it any other way with our partners.

The mention of romance most often than not comes with luxurious and extravagant vacations and giftings’.

Inasmuch as such can be levelled that to the romantic department, it does not necessarily have to be so.

If that was to be so, then the poor would not know what romantic mean in their lifetime.

Though out rightly misconstrued in every sense of the word, sometimes when we ladies say we want our men to be romantic, this is what we actually mean.

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Miss PyperPebbles
Ms. Pyper Pebbles is just like any other person watching life; she puts up a show and contributes every once in a while to this mega show. She's a graduate of Ghana Institute of Journalism--she is a sapio-sexual by all standards and believes life would only be worth living if one decides to live... She's a Staff Writer at GhanaCelebrities.Com and a Contributing Writer At BrutallyUncensord.Com, based in Accra-Ghana.


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