2,000-Year-Old S*x Toys Found in the Tomb of An Ancient Chinese Aristocrat

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Those who think sex toys are contemporary or have something to do with just our generation, you would be surprised to know that a 2,000-year-old bronze pleasure device has been found in the tomb of an ancient Chinese aristocrat.

Clearly, before Ann Summers and others, our ancestors knew how to do what we think it’s unique to us.

“Rare pictures have been released showing the ancient sex toys that once belonged to the Chinese royals and aristocrats. The two pleasure devices, both made of bronze, date back more than 2,000 years to China’s Han Dynasty (206 BC–220 AD)” reports MailOnline.

The toys were discovered in the modern-day Jiangsu Province near Shanghai inside the ancient tombs belonging to the rich and powerful.

‘One of the two artefacts, which has a metal ring attach to it, was discovered in the Yizheng city in western Jiangsu,” the website said.

Several staff members at the Yizheng Museum told MailOnline that the “bronze item had been found inside the tomb of an aristocrat in the West Han Dynasty (206 BC–8 AD), the first part of the Han Dynasty.”

The said tomb, according to China News, was in 2011 identified to be the tomb of Liu Fei (169BC-127BC), the first king of Jiangdu, an autonomous kingdom within the Han Dynasty.

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