The Black Stars Of Ghana Have Pathetically Thrashed The Hearts Of Ghanaians And These Messages Prove How Brokenhearted Ghanaians Are-‘I Will Exchange the Team for Dirty Oil’–Someone Said

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To say that we did not see this coming would just mean we are putting ourselves outrightly in a denial mode.

The black stars of Ghana have broken more hearts than any male who has ever walked this earth done.

I mean we expected they would repeat history since they are adept in the disappointment department but truth be told we were all clinging onto the little ray of sunshine that illuminate our cracked window only for our hearts to be broken and pathetically thrashed.

Right from the word go, their very first match garnered so much scandal and controversy.

From Razak Brimah’s disappointing audio to Jordan to tactless play on the pitch; it has been a series of heart stroke of pains.

Just when we thought change has come, these stars just had to level our hope to grounds that is beyond reversible.

Knowing Ghanaians, we have expressed how broken hearted we are with words.

We asked random Ghanaians what they would exchange the senior national team for and the response we got is all shades of hilarious.

Someone actually said he would exchange the team for dirty oil, like how is that even sane.

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